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THIS SECTION IS FOR THE BUILDER, DESINGER, ARTHITECT whose wanting to see and learn from 35 years of experience.

  Click above on the stage you interested in, I have many pictures taken during the construction hope fully these will help you better understand the techniques, used to accomplish a finished project. These  pictures are mine and buy no means am I saying I know it all you are the boss do as you see fit .

Remember there’s two ways to learn, smart way and dumb way…..dumb way just do it your way cause you don't need no stinking plans or instructions. Or  you don't want to call us and ask…...  And you’ll learn !!…….. Smarter way, learn from  seeing someone else making mistakes and learn watching them.   I have some of them mistake pictures also I neglected to put in….send us some  if you get them.

    If you need any more detailed info email and I can send more or larger pictures. You may call also Rick 801-972-6066


This is one of mine I  now use a much better cost 3 days for this crew!

See Page 9 of the Handbook for Builders for best way

If you got to use siding...use cedar horizontally

Use porch roof

Use log gables their

 Use overhang  on roof

Lower logs were oiled then some weren't, then fresh  logs the following spring. GET A ROOF  ON IT before winter. This guy wouldn't pay up.

Rain and Rust damage

Coat the hangers-nails

don't do your windows this way..not ours!

  See Page 16 of the Handbook for Builders for best way


Not ours ..this one burnt down.

Species of wood is important


don't leave your lunch all over the job site

Montana Log and Timber Co


Settling, some homes drop 6”   per 8’ level, what's that do to with pluming, windows, leakage,  uneven floors air leaks mice , rats ? ... THINGS THE SALESMAN DON’T TELL YOU.. Service ? Maitainaces?  You got to educate your self and ask the right questions... Rick Hubble

    We figured out a user friendly system with a 1500 year life expectancy with no to little settling and air tight joints. No Jacks hidden in the posts and walls ???

Log Oils: Don’t use Petroleum products  and pine, pitch, sap, natural resins aren't friendly together, oil floats out. Think synthetic  and linseed oil ?

   UV refection: clears are less durable, heavy stain or paint in them lasts longer.

 ...remember wood expands and contracts night and day, wet and dry, hot and cold.  You need a flexible coating,  that sticks   LINSEED? You choose.

See Page 4-6 of the Handbook for Builders for best way

See Page 10 of the Handbook for Builders for best way

See Page 22 of the Handbook for Builders for best way

See Page

  for best way

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Lets see some mistakes to avoid...