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  The Park  is a 30 minuet drive east, never see t all, the most famous  and most beautiful drive is the

“Going to the Sun Road”   also there's the Swift Current Lodge drive and Hiking area an all day hikes some include  boat rides  to upper lakes.  Enjoy a fraction of the sites on this page from Google it bear country  take your dinner bells and bear spray.  Also we locals like the hidden away 35 miles of dirt road to Polebridge Montana, also know as the famous North fork, the river is park boundary but has many wilderness high country lakes for camping and fishing, hiking, Google Bowman Lake and Kintla on the Canada Border, Quartz and Logging lake. These two pictures are “Two Medicine lake” paved road ,, great Canoe lake with world records Bookies       


   High country in Glacier  weather conditions change fast, rains often, take rain slickers a good thing, or garbage bags. Plan on a all day adventure, take your food,  energy snacks, Camera, if hiking Bear ever ware you don't see them  they see you, make plenty of noise so the move out. Wear familiar shoes, boots, have band aids, duct tape. And Misquotes  are common, Fishing is free with a paid car pass but not many fish.

 Visit Glacier  Park a must see...

 This hike starts at the Summit on Highway and goes down a couple miles to the highway again called Highline Trail. Below is Two Medicine Lake. Left is a picture from Highline trail

   Cracker lake overlook.  Middle is Going to the Sun Road to the summit.  Right is Laurie at trail through the Tunnel

   Sheep on Highline trail. Below is St Mary's Lake