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                                 Montana Log and Timber

                                       “Goods from the woods “

Custom Hand Rails made, hand peeled or milled.

Lodgepole pine with natural coloring.  Premade systems is lightly sanded and un oiled.  They are glued, screwed and hopefully ready to install or adjusted on sight.  Built to standard codes.  Contact us for dimensions and costs. 

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.  Mobil log cabins.  We can build them for you or sell you the package.  We are using 6” saddle notched logs.  Same as we use in our “ world’s strongest interlocking log wall system”.   We use an extra stronger glue and fasteners.  Visit website dolog.com  for plans, ideas.  Call us for costs.  Key word is “funn size log homes” when you get to the website.

.  Playhouses, we can build them or build you a package or show you how to build with your kids.  Share quality time together.  Call for costs and pricing. 

   Chairs and Table sets, custom made to your specifications.  All Montana lodgepole pine, Douglas fir or maybe some ponderosa.  Lots of color and character.  We can finish or you can finish.  Call and discuss your sizes and specific needs. 

Log and Rustic Siding, 2x6 and 2x8  sometimes 2x10 and 3x10.  Or we have the rustic mill run bark still on or peeled.  Many ways to go.  Call us with your needs.


Left is salmon tail cut to put an addition on existing log home.


.   Beam entry ways custom made to your exact specifications.  Doug Fir, Hem Fir.  We use rough circle sawed  timber.  When we build them they are wired brushed.  You supply the stain and we will paint your beam entry.  We could make these easier to transport .  You put together the components.  If your local you could pick up on trailer.  Also can do these out of milled round,  hand peeled round trusses.  We can supply the engineering if need be.  Call for pricing.

  Log trusses round or timber.  We can do anything. Hand peeled or milled round logs.  Call for pricing.

Carports , Barns or Drive Canopy's, commercial or residential we can do them.  Call us

      Post and Beam components

.Log and Timber staircases, Spiral  of Handcrafted

  Custom Steel Work– We can make it.  Have a design or we can help you design it.  Ornamental steel, decorative steel, structural steel, welding and painting.  We will need your specifications.  Call us for anymore information.  Talk with Rick


.Round milled poles.  All sizes. Sold in bulk.  We might have some odd and ends at the local Salt Lake City yard.  This is all part of the Biomass Utilizations Program to keep the dead wood out of the forest to prevent forest fires.  We have poles and rails bark on. From 3/4” to 5” for crafts, furniture, wood workers, finish work.

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Log Stairs

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Rustic fir flooring          Rustic Waney

 Circled Sawed 

Waney Western Siding

Log  Craft material and “D” logs 4x6,  6x6,  6x8 and 10x10

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