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optional animal bridge


Family Reunion Resort

†††† We have a Log Lodge on Skyles Lake, three miles West on US 93 in Whitefish Montana. Gate way to Glacier National Park,

Our drive way and front yard with US 93 Highway, before temporary logging road put in. The Dept is coming in 16 feet to the gate with the new highway, as they own the 2200 acres across the highway. But choose to take ours any way. Tax payerís expense and poor planning? Letís just destroy it all, itís just wild Montana. Here you can see whatís left for Septic drain field, parking for quests up to 25 stalls, oh and a new well,

Below† across the highway, the 2200 acres of forest where we may restore some lost additional parking because of our land loss. This mess is alright in the woods but in a Scenic Corridor?†

11953371_727029910734582_3708989726135077296_o.jpggate gate.jpg

This was beautiful thick forest across the highway with pond where driveway now is in spring, now this is what the State did to get loggers into the 2200 acres this is what the highway construction will leave also, in this Scenic Corridor! Wildlife, timber, Montana natural secenely means nothing to the planner, bulldozers operators, politicians they donít have to live and see this mess.. Hummmm whatís Ryan† Zinkes phone number.. heís classmates with my sisters, Linda and Rose.. Oh and Heís on my Facebook.† Ryan drives this and swimed and fished here as a boy.

2200 acres of Montana state forest, across the Highway from our door step with lakes attracts the city tourists, hikers, bikers, 500 miles of groomed trails abundant wildlife. These pictures are from our land into the 2200 forested acres.† This is why your wanting our property, for the value into tourismsí this is why we chose it, bought it developed it.


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T he right photo is a good location to put overhead animal bridge, high and high ground across the highway the old fish and game access road would be the collection area, but you canít fish there then.. but its not planted and wonít be† because its PRIVATE,† So no fishing value,† anyway so dedicate this to wildlife travel , migration,† with a simple light travel mostly at night but the moose deer† come thru† in daylight.

The animal Bridge, some ideas and points to save the ongoing slaughter of deer, bear, moose, and small game try to water and cross from Lion Mountain to Spencer mountain forests.† It outa be separate† from people walkway,


There are a few low spots thru here that makes room for at least two tunnels and at least this one overpass on our land?