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Costs for a week of the 13,000 sq. foot lodge

We  offer  Location, Wilderness, 

   You right in the middle of Northwest Montana. What to do ?  Drive any direction to Lakes, National Forests, Parks  Canada , Flathead Lake, Lake Kotcanusa Hungary horse, Beaver Lake Upper Whitefish Lake Still water River,  Numerous creek, Star Meadows, Upper Whitefish, Tally Lake. And 3 miles from Down town and another 15 to Kalispell.

   It will be dark in two hours where should we drive?  Wana see  wildlife?  Catch some crawdads, Trout,  sunsets, wildlife viewing, trout fly fishing,

Family Reunion Resort

     We have a Log Lodge on Skyles Lake, three miles West on US 93 in Whitefish Montana. Gate way to Glacier National Park, we have Montana's Deepest Lake only a few miles the other direction the 10000 acre Tally Lake Flathead national forest hundreds of miles of logging roads, trails creeks and lakes ideal for bikes and car travel. We also have Kootenai National Forest, Stillwater State forest, Two large Dams The Hungry Horse and the Kotcanusa. Across the highway is 2200 acres of State Forest set up for bicycle trails with another lake full of fish. A few miles down the highway we have the Beaver Lake Area with several lakes also full of trout and salmon with miles if trails.




For the teenagers if you a city slicker this is a opportunity to learn the ways of the pioneers, frontiersmen mountain men, the Wilderness is unforgiving learn its nature and someday it may save your life. The creator made it for you; enjoy the natural beauty exploring all the wild things you won’t see in city life. There is a city beach in summer for the kids and a State park with boat access a mile away.

Primitive Wilderness there many also the Great Bear Wilderness, the Scapegoat, and world famous Bob Marshal.


Rivers The last most rugged in the lower 48 the Flathead River, the North Fork starts in Alberta, the South Fork starts in the Bob, the Middle fork starts in Glacier Park, River raftering on all.

water front that remembered for a lifetime, a Mountain setting with Wildlife sounds abundant, the crisp wild air with all its many smells, of Pine, Spruce, campfire, fresh cut hay, the water smells of the frog ponds, river meadows, cattails. the sounds of waterfalls, loons, grebes, ducks geese all wild, the night time in the quite nights the coyotes, owls, occasional lion, wolf and beaver on the water fish jumping at night. My favorite, the distant thunder storm, flashing lighting, the sounds or light rain on the roof, refreshing smell of damp rain.


Let us help you experience the best Family reunion ever, location, atmosphere, comfort, premier facility. Where 24 hours a day is a memorial experience located in the Last Best Place on Earth, and just relaxing on the Mourning deck overlooking a natural spring fed lake is never wasted watching fish, turtles, eagles, and water fowl. Breathing in the pine, air, listening to the song birds, sounds of children enjoying themselves, taking pictures... put another log on the fire and listening to the groups coming home with their great stories, discovers and findings, pictures, adventures. Memories will last a life time, relationships beyond.


direction to Lakes we are not responsible for drowning, lifejackets wearing, fires, shooting damage,


 Not allowed fires outside in fire season, trespassing, fishing permits, hunting violations, trespassing  where not allowed,  Horse accidents, you insurances

direction to Lakes

    we offer Montana's and all the public privileges, on pubic lands, lakes, parks , we have a residence for you to headquarter, sleep, cook relax , meet  swim, fish park  during your vacation

What to bring... if possible or interested in doing. Pick up truck, Canoes, rafts, float tubes,  fishing pole, special life jacket, hiking shoes, day pack, rain gear, camera, first aid.