.     Reduce the public’s cost for forest restoration by increasing the value of biomass and other forest products generated from hazardous fuels reduction and forest health activities on forest lands.

 Man, Beetles and Fire.  Which  of these are the  forests greatest fears?

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New Jack Pine...

Lodgepole 9 years old .

.Lodgepole self thinning 100 year old since fire of 1910

Bugs in 90 year old Lodgepole for the last 25 years

Beetles been here, now we clean, harvest, pile and burn in the fall

   Slash pile.. Biomass taxpayer pays to have this ground up.

 Cleaning out the dead

  Large and plentiful brush piles will be burned if  we cant find a use for them...I’ll not allowed to get them because of policy.

 Lodge pole before and after the harvesting the beetle kill. No stumps this way, We only log the dead on our forests for the last 60 years

.Pine beetles trying to kill an lodgepole but the tree fights back flooding the holes with pitch. It lives another year.



 Slash Pile  or

 Biomass  we are  researching ways to turn this into burnable heat source, green jobs, save fossil fuels and air.

 After the fires there is Fire Wood

After fire the Jack pine is first to thrive, its one of the only sun tolerant trees and it loves acid in the ash, and the heat sends it to the seeding.

.  More Brush Piles to burn

 These four Fire Fighters never made it, there were near another 96 in 3 days.

Allot of wood to burn we need a way to put it to use...


 1980  Beetles

1988 after beetles

  1988 after beetles most all the lodgepole are gone.

Montana  Lodgepole Pine  the Beetles haven't found...yet



  Land after beetles,  1988 and cleanup, now the sun is on the ground the Firs, Spruces start to flourish.

Before the Beetles, less wildlife abound because the sun cant get to the ground so the grass and shrubs wont grow.

Lodge pole forests before Beetles so thick the sun cant get in.



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Before Beetles hit 1975

biomass utilization 

of forest fuels

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